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Transport for London - Windsor House

transport for londonClient: Transport for London (TfL) - Windsor House 

Principle Contractor:  BTU Installation & Maintenance

Project Scope:  Design and Installation of new Chillers for Air Conditioning System

Location:  Transport for London – Windsor House, London

Year:  2016


Windsor House londonTransport for London, are the owner and operator of Europe's largest integrated transport network including London Underground, DLR, bus services and overground bus and train stations. With close links to the UK Government and statutory responsibilities, TfL provides essential transport services to London. Located in central London, Windsor House is the Administrative Head Office for Transport for London, a 24 storey tower block which houses major control rooms. BTU was appointed to design and install new chillers to serve the building’s air-conditioning system.




The air-conditioning system chillers are located on the roof of this 24 storey building in central London. This presented some major logistical challenges when transporting to site large-scale plant, equipment and components which involved road closures within 500m of the Palace of Westminster.

A further challenge was designing and scheduling work to minimise the duration the building was without chilled water services.


Works Undertaken


Transport for London – Windsor House, London


This was a comprehensive project and involved completely stripping out, upgrading and replacing the existing cooling system, repositioning external condensers, re-routing external underground gas main and construction of new Acoustic Chiller Enclosure.  Plus the installation of new LED lighting throughout the building, removal and replacement of ceilings, replacing existing main door with a Diffusion ‘Oasis’ LPHW door curtain and testing and commissioning of the complete integrated system.

Works undertaken included:

  • Asbestos survey and removal – before any other work could begin.
  • Redundant services - were stripped out and disposed of.
  • Acoustic enclosure for external chiller units  – designed and constructed.
  • New Chiller and Chilled Water Pipework – this was installed leaving an allowance to extend at a later date.
  • New LPHW secondary circuit – installed to connect the new FCUs with the existing main heating plant.
  • Existing Siemens BMS control system – was modified and added to, to control and monitor the new LPHW Heating and Chilled Water Installations.
  • Thermal insulation – was installed to all new chilled water and LPHW circulation pipework.