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Oil Boiler and Gas Engineer in Surrey

A boiler plays a very important role in homes and/or businesses and it is very important to get the boilers regularly serviced. The technological advancements have led to the increased popularity of oil and gas boilers. But, the technologically advanced boilers also need to be serviced and maintained in order to run smoothly. At BTU Group, we pride ourselves in offering outstanding oil and gas services with a dedicated team of highly skilled and qualified oil and gas boiler engineers in Surrey.

Irrespective of whether you have an oil boiler or a gas boiler, it is paramount to get your boiler serviced to ensure its standard efficiency. A boiler usually gives problems such as poor heating performance or no heat at all, excess water, inadequate air and water leakage etc. In order to prevent these problems from occurring, regular servicing of a boiler becomes important.

In the oil and gas services offered by the BTU Group, the BTU engineers ensure that the heating systems have been installed properly in keeping with the standard regulations. A series of mandatory tests are carried out to make sure that the boiler is up and running again. Some of the important points that can be included in boiler servicing are:

1. Self-maintenance: In order to ensure the security of your family or employees, there are certain things that you must check frequently so that you can contact a BTU engineer when there is a major issue. These include checking the water level, and draining excess water from the boiler on a regular basis.

2. Pressure Verification: Checking the pressure levels of a boiler is important to ensure smooth functioning of the boiler for a lponger period of time. Many boilers come with a pressure gauge that indicates when the pressure is very high.

In certain situations, problems can occur with the functioning of the boiler. These situations can be:

  • Continuous blinking of the pilot light
  • Overheating of the boiler
  • Loud noises while the boiler is working
  • Smoke evacuating from the boiler
  • Yellow Flames

In case you witness any of the above situations, contact a BTU professional for help. The BTU professionals offer their assistance 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure a safe environment in homes and offices.