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Building Maintenance and Repair

Imagine yourself, living or working in one of the most marvellous buildings in the world. Imagine the comfortable interiors, smooth lifts and escalators, and every other luxurious element you want in that building. Now, take away the heating and ventilation, lighting, plumbing, energy management systems, power supply, lifts and escalators, security systems, etc. Would you still want to live in that building? Every detail of a building is important to ensure a healthy and comfortable living and/or working atmosphere. And that is exactly what the building service engineers of the BTU Group provide you. BTU's hard-working professionals are determined to provide you the best building services in Surrey. A building must do what it is designed for—provide shelter and a pleasant living and/or working environment. BTU's team of enthusiastic and dedicated experts aim to provide you building services that include:

1. heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning
2. water, drainage, and plumbing
3. lifts and escalators
4. security and alarm systems
5. communication lines, telephones, and IT networks
6. fire safety—detection, and protection
7. Lighting and lighting protection
8. Low voltage systems, distribution boards, and switchgear
9. Façade engineering- resolves around aesthetic, environmental, and structural issues that aim to achieve an effective enclosure for a building.

BTU Group's building service engineers work closely with professional architects, quantity surveyors, and structural engineers in order to achieve sustainable building constructions. BTU's reliable and trust-worthy engineers focus on the following areas while providing top-notch building services in Surrey.
1. Design: This includes laying out the designs and requirements for commercial, or residential building services.
2. Construction: This area revolves around the supervision, commissioning, and maintenance of construction of building services. 3. Environment: This area is highly focused on developing eco-friendly and energy-saving methods of construction to develop energy-efficient systems for buildings.
4. Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning: This area is commonly referred to as HVAC. The BTU professionals specialize in designing, developing, constructing, and operating efficient HVAC systems.
5. Electrical technology: This area involves the design and development of safe and energy-sustaining electrical systems. In recent times, the UK government has emphasized on incorporating a sustainable green design especially in engineered building systems, and the BTU Group works at its best to achieve that.