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Boiler Repair & Installation service

A working boiler in good condition can make a huge difference in your standard of living by keeping you warm, cosy, and active in cold days, and nights. That is why boiler getting damaged will be your worst nightmare. We at BTU Group understand the importance a boiler holds in your homes or offices and therefore, we offer 24/7 service for boiler repairs and installation in Surrey. If you own a boiler—at home or workplace—you need to learn to take care of it. Even though boiler repair is something that must only be done by experts, the owner of the boiler must know the signs of a damaged boiler in order to prevent any accidents.

1. Strange Noises: Because of regular usage, many heaters and boilers start to make some sounds over time. But, if the intensity of the sound changes, you must consult a BTU engineer. This change often indicates a malfunction in the internal component of the unit.

2. Weird Smells: If you smell something strange every time you turn on the boiler, or even when it's turned off, contact a boiler repair professional. The smells could be because of a gas leak and/or burning of the internal circuit. 3. Puddles of Water: Puddles of water around your boiler is an indication your boiler has a leak, it will consume more power than usual to provide heat to your home. Seeking the help of a BTU professional will help you cut down on your repair expenses. 4. Increased energy bills: If you begin to notice a sudden increase in your energy bills, and can attribute it to your boiler, then you boiler needs expert help. This increase is a sign that your boiler is working inefficiently. If not attended to at the earliest, this problem might result in the installation of a new boiler.

The BTU engineers will ensure the working pressure of your boiler is correct, and perform standard regular testing to make sure the unit does not have any gas leaks. The highly skilled and experienced professionals of BTU are trained to carry out repairs and installations of boilers with utmost care and protection.