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Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance Services Guildford, Surrey

Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance


We are an established air conditioning installation and maintenance company operating in the public and private sectors in the UK. We offer advice, design, installation and maintenance services for air conditioning and chilled water systems.


BTU supply and install all makes and styles of air conditioning systems.

We install split style systems, Single Condenser Multi type to serve up to five rooms from a single outdoor unit, Variable Refrigerant; (VRV-VRF etc.) dedicated condenser units and complete building systems, Filtered &, discreet hideaway ducted above ceiling type, window units, mobile units, ceiling cassette units, ceiling suspended units and every other type available. We enjoy many larger contracts with Blue Chip companies and also many more 'once only' smaller clients.


With the more recent changes in Air Conditioning with the need for ozone friendly refrigerant gasses and energy efficiency, BTU are pleased to offer the installation of new Generation INVERTER DRIVE heat pump systems


Our works include the Design, Installation and Maintenance of:

  • Singular split air conditioning systems to multiple
  • Cellar Cooling Systems
  • Chilled Water Systems

Our clients include:

Local Government and Authorities

Education Sector

National Health Service

Private Sector (Domestic and Commercial)


BTU understands that it is essential for the clients “core business” to continue as normal during any project or works, working with our clients we plan the installation or maintenance around the normal business operation.

Implementing a flexible approach allows the installation or maintenance works to be completed outside of the clients normal operating hours therefore causing minimum disruption.


Our services will ensure that the client is aware of all relevant legislation regarding cooling and their responsibilities. Following installation where required BTU undertakes the role of maintenance contractor and ensures that the client legal obligations are fulfilled.  


To discuss your project please contact BTU Installation Division on 01483 590600.
Alternatively please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or enquiries@btu-installation